RCE Greater Yenagoa Members Mark International Women's Day 2018 with Two Events

Photo credits: RCE Greater Yenagoa

Oloibiri Youngsters Foundation and Public Library, a member of RCE Greater Yenagoa, marked International Women’s Day (8th March, 2018) with two events, under the theme ‘Press for Progress – Time is Now’.


RCE North East uses documentaries to highlight gender issues and environmental activism

Cinema Politica Newcastle by RCE North East, a project that received the RCE Award 2015 in Category B “Acknowledged Flagship Project (Project Type: Community Engagement)” was set up in 2010 by a group of environmental scientists who wanted to explore, discuss and act on issues related to environmental sustainability. During the first steps of the project the team decided to make documentaries to highlight under-represented viewpoints, and to provide a safe space for discussion and debate. These films were publicly accessible.
United Kingdom

UN Women: Education and Training of Women

A girl or a woman in school is realizing her fundamental human right to an education. She also has a far greater shot at realizing her full potential throughout her life, becoming better equipped to secure a decent, well-paid job, for instance, or leave a violent home.

Education is essential for women to attain gender equality and become leaders of change. At the same time, educated women benefit entire societies. They make substantial contributions to flourishing economies and the improved health, nutrition and education of their families.


Child Welfare & Security - Cases of unstable homes

Dear Colleagues,
I have had to suggest this topic for conference discussion,due to rising child death in
unstable families. As i will outline briefly, the most endangered child that stands to
loose life, is not one who is in streets as parking boy, or one who is in garbage damp site,
but is the one in unstable family. I will give few instances of few cases

'Nanny stabs 2 children to death' - New York, Jacqui Goddard - Miami - 27 Oct 2012.
Reason fro stabbing given as sense of identity syndrome.