RCE Greater Yenagoa Members Mark International Women's Day 2018 with Two Events

Photo credits: RCE Greater Yenagoa

Oloibiri Youngsters Foundation and Public Library, a member of RCE Greater Yenagoa, marked International Women’s Day (8th March, 2018) with two events, under the theme ‘Press for Progress – Time is Now’.

The first event, held on International Women’s Day itself, was ‘Call It as It Is’, a campaign against all forms of violence and discrimination against women. The event involved extensive dialogue on the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act using the video series ‘Call It as It Is’ made available by Joy Onyesoh Foundation and Dorothy Njemanze Foundation. The series covered issues such as verbal, emotional and psychological abuse, domestic violence, and harassment, with participants finding the meeting left a large impact and clear message that violence, abuse and discrimination in any form should not be tolerated.

A follow-up event was held on 27 March, 2018, titled ‘Women Education and Empowerment Dialogue’, a boardroom event strictly for women in leadership to dialogue on issues relevant to women who are pushing for progress in their various spheres. The dialogue served as a confluence point between highly successful and accomplished women and young and intending matriarchs in Nigeria. The highly interactive nature of the event allowed for an open conversation on the challenges that women in leadership have faced and the duties, responsibilities and obligations laid ahead for the 21st century woman. It was an opportunity for young women to volunteer as mentors for teenagers and also to be mentored by successful women in leadership.

Read the full report summary of both events here.