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UNU-IAS and UN ESCAP Guidelines on Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

UNU-IAS and UN ESCAP are developing guidelines on multi-stakeholder partnerships for the Agenda 2030 in Asia Pacific. To produce them, they need your input. Submit this questionnaire until October 6th. Read more


​RCE Trang is Reorganized to Tackle Current Challenges

RCE Trang is Reorganized to Tackle Current Challenges

After a decade of existence, since its official acknowledgement by UNU in 2007, RCE Trang, Thailand had been admirably active in carrying out ESD/SD activities and its collaborations with other RCEs in the Asia-Pacific region. Recently the RCE’s stakeholders moved to reorganize and strengthen RCE Trang, to broaden the network, and make it more inclusive and responsive to the needs of the communities.