RCE Denmark Present 'Apprentices for Sustainability' Project at Conference in Danish Parliament

(Submitted by RCE Denmark, with edits from Global RCE Service Centre)

For almost two years, Copenhagen's carpentry apprentices, together with RCE Denmark and NEXT Education Copenhagen, have investigated how together they can change construction in a sustainable direction through education. Last week, they were invited to present their results at a conference in the Danish Parliament. 


RCE Denmark - 2021




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Image icon 1.jpg (1.65 MB) Discussing new building metodes David Rangan
Image icon ejner og anders.jpg (1.74 MB) To Apprentices develop knowledge about outer walls and bathrooms David Rangan
Image icon IMG_3447.jpg (606.72 KB) The first Apprentices for Sustainability Logic&co apprentice club
Image icon 4.jpg (436.04 KB) UNESCO Secretary General also learns to build sustainably Stephanie Halse
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Tuesday, September 7, 2021
Apprentices for Sustainability
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RCE Galicia - 2021


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Image icon Panels_Casa_Susana_panel_4.jpg (4.65 MB) Outdoor panel at the "Casa da Susana" site in Froxán Montescola
Image icon Panels_Casa_Susana_panel_5.jpg (3.93 MB) Outdoor panel at the "Casa da Susana" site in Froxán Montescola
Image icon Panels_Casa_Susana_panel_group_picture.JPG (4.43 MB) Volunteers from the "Brigadas deseucaliptizadoras" at the "Casa da Susana" panel Montescola
Image icon Panel_1_Froxan_xeral.jpg (4.14 MB) General welcome outdoor panel Montescola
Image icon Panel_2_Eira Nova.jpg (3.49 MB) "Eira Nova" panel on traditional agricultural practices Montescola
Image icon Panel_3_Susana-teste.jpg (2.3 MB) "Casa da Susana" panel on the outdoor nature education and the impacts of mining Montescola
Image icon Panel_4_Costaneira.jpg (3.27 MB) "Costaneira" panel on forest fires, green fire-brakes and environmental volunteers Montescola
"Ramo Curvo" panel on silvopastoral practices, biocultural heritage and ponds Montescola
Image icon Panel_8_Portiño.jpg (4.18 MB) "Portiño" panel on riverine ecosystems and traditional watermills Montescola
Image icon Panel_10_Chán de Avelán-teste.jpg (2.19 MB) "Chán de Avelán" panel on the impacts of mining Montescola
Date of submission:
Wednesday, September 1, 2021
Outdoor Classroom Panels at the Froxán Community Conserved Area

Residency Programme Developed by RCE Stettiner Haff Addresses Ecosystem Restoration

The pilot project ‘ResidenZukunft' was developed by RCE Stettiner Haff to coincide with the launch of the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration. The goal of the fellowship programme is to address the urgently needed transformation to a climate-friendly and sustainable economy.