Formal Education Committee in RCE Tongyeong Visits RCE Penang as Part of Training Programme

The Formal Education Committee of RCE Tongyeong visited RCE Penang as part of its 'Teacher Cooperation Training' programme mid last month, from 15-19 January, 2020. The ten members, consisting of elementary school principals and teachers visited a school in Penang, where they learnt about the 'GO GREEN' project in conjunction with RCE Penang, as well as school gardening cases using water-saving systems.

In addition, they visited Universiti Sains Malaysia, the Secretariat of RCE Penang, which included a visit to its Eco Campus, a collaborative workshop, and an expedition where participants could witness the Merbok Mangrove reforestation, in which they planted mangrove trees and learned about the ecological and regional importance of mangroves.  

(Photo credit: RCE Tongyeong)