DEADLINE EXTENDED: Open Call for Youth Coordinators

Photo: UNESCOOpen Call for Youth Coordinators


At the request of the youth delegates at the 10th Global RCE Meeting and with the endorsement of the Ubuntu Committee of Peers for the RCEs, all RCEs are expected to designate a youth coordinator for each RCE.

Anyone active in an RCE aged 16-35 and is interested in coordinating with other RCEs in their country, region, and around the world, can apply to the RCE coordinator of their RCE. The position is set for two years with a possible extension for another two-year term. The RCE Youth Coordinator serves as a point of contact for youth seeking to network and engage with cross-RCE initiatives and communication. In countries with more than one RCE, one National RCE Youth Coordinator from among individual RCE focal points is to be selected by the Individual RCE Youth Coordinators. 

This will streamline the communication in different countries, across regions and globally. In countries with only one RCE, the Individual RCE Youth Coordinator will be the National RCE Coordinator by default.  Regional RCE networks are asked to select regional coordinators from RCE Youth Coordinators within their given regions. Again this process should be done by the RCEs. Regional coordinators will in turn communicate with national focal points, and act as a bridge between the RCE Global Service Centre and the youth in that region.  

Countries with multiple RCEs requiring national youth focal points:

Africa: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe

Americas: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA

Asia Pacific: Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand

Europe: Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, UK

While RCE Youth will be engaged with their individual projects, Youth Networks may be asked to help coordinating and communicating matters among the network at large.

Examples include:

  • RCE Youth will be making contact with RCEs that have yet to annually report to the Global Service Centre.
  • RCE Youth helping to develop profiles for RCEs that have yet to showcase their RCE on the portal.
  • RCE Youth creating a web presence for their RCE through social media or website development.

Active RCE Youth Coordinators (individual, regional or national) may be recognized for their contributions to the Global RCE Network by the RCE Service Centre and will be eligible for funding to attend Regional and/or Global RCE Meetings and present on their activities and projects

The Global Service Centre strongly encourages all RCEs to take any requests for contact or information seriously, as they are good ways to become (re)acquainted with RCEs within your country and region. This will help make connections with those among the community whose projects and initiatives are not yet showcased on the RCE website.

Below you can find the concept note and application form.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Please e-mail us at with contact details for your RCE Youth focal point by June 30th.