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EU Declaration on Cycling as a means of climate-friendly transport

Cycling is a European success story. Bicycle innovation will boost jobs and growth and support EU industry through new technology and services.

Action plan
Taking into account (1) the call of the European Parliament for ’an EU roadmap for cycling to be included in the Commission Work Programme and (2) the 2014 Paris Declaration of the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP) to develop ’a pan-European Master Plan for cycling promotion’,
Ministers and State Secretaries call upon the Commission to consider, in full respect of the principle of subsidiarity, the following actions:
1. Integrate cycling into multimodal transport policy, including smart mobility, stressing the need to promote physical infrastructure and behavioural change programs.
2. Develop an EU level strategic document on cycling. This strategic document should (1) list all the goals within EU competence that would benefit from an increase in cycling’s mode share, (2) identify EU policy and funding instruments that are already mobilized or that should be mobilized to increase cycling’s mode share and to foster cycling related employment in the EU, and (3) include cycling in the above EU policies and funding instruments.
3. Set up a European focal point for cycling (1) to serve as a one-stop-shop for cycling related questions, (2) to facilitate the exchange of best practices among Member States, notably on cyclists’ road safety, and (3) to monitor the implementation and the impact of the EU strategy for cycling.

Ministers and State Secretaries recognize that Member States can contribute to increasing cycling’s mode share by:

4. Designating a national focal point for cycling to gather and disseminate best practices within the Member State and to cooperate with the European focal point for cycling as well as with existing forums, such as the United Nations’ Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme.
5. Ensuring that national transport infrastructure projects consider and aim to strengthen international, national, regional and local cycling networks.

Ministers and State Secretaries welcome initiatives by urban, local and regional authorities to:

6. Include cycling in urban, local or regional projects, both as an efficient transport mode and as a recreational activity.
7. Draw on national and international best practices, co-funding opportunities and guidelines by working with national and European focal points for cycling and with other stakeholders

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