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RCE Minna Youth Network Collaborate to hold Inter-Schools Debate Championship

The Regional Center of Expertise (RCE) Minna Collaborate with Young People for Africa Development (YPAD) and African Center of Extra-Curricular Research and Development (ACERAD) to hold an Inter-Schools Debate Championship with the Theme: Youth, Education and Independence. The programme is schedule to hold on the 1st October, 2015 which is exactly thesame with Nigeria's Independence Day.


RCE Minna Round Table Discussion was organised by the RCE Minna Youth Network on 16th August, 2015 at the RCE Minna Resource Center. The program was aimed at bringing together RCE Youth and other youth organisation to foster strong youth commitment and action through volunteering to achieve Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

Avalon School Summer Camps

Avalon Sustainability School provides integral, high quality, innovative learning experiences for positive change in multicultural environments.We build bridges and pull down walls. Learning with young people from many different countries you’ll be able to appreciate diversity and different cultural traditions, as well as tolerance for others or views different to your own

Application form YUVA 2015

Travel support is available for selected RCE youth representatives through the Global RCE Service Centre. The selection will be made based on certain criteria including their level of engagement with the RCEs, quality of the applications as well as the geographical balance of the participants.