Field Trips


This tour showcased technological, consumption and educational aspects facing modern society today, especially in relation to the consumption of energy. Participants visited the Kuse Kominkan, followed by Meiken Manufacturing – a biomass power generating plant, to inspect the manufacturing process of fuel tablets and pellets from wood. Next was a visit to a timber market, with the tour ending at the Hiruzen Highland Winery.

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The field trip to Okayama city gave participants the opportunity to experience and study ESD in local communities. Activities included a visit to a dike which was created to protect drained land and aid in the reclamation of Kojima Bay, learning about the ESD initiatives being run within local schools (Fujita Elementary School, Junior High School and Koyo High School), touring the DOWA Holdings Power Plant which manufactures biodiesel fuel, and a visit to the local Takashima Kominkan (community hall) to learn about the work being done by local organisations to preserve the habitat of the kissing loach as well as within the Takashima region. The day ended with a trip to the Miyashita Japanese Sake Brewery to learn about this traditional industry supported by sustainable regional development.

Presentations :

Kojima Bay Reclaimed Land and Closing Dike here
Beautiful Lake Kojima here
Children of Fujita: Learn in a Community and Develop the Future here
Okayama Municipal Daiichi-Fujita Elementary School here
Fujita Junior High School - Efforts Towards ESD here
Kimura Method of Rice Cultivation here
Biodiversity of Okayama (Takashima) here

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