Webinar: 'Youth and Sustainability in COVID-19 Era' to Mark International Youth Day 2020

Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Event Place: 
Online via Zoom

To mark 'International Youth Day 2020' (IYD), RCE Greater Western Sydney and RCE Srinagar will hold a webinar on Wednesday 12th August, 2020.

Young people are powerful agents of change and progress when they are educated and empowered to participate in decision-making. Yet around the world, too many youths are being left behind.

IYD is both an annual celebration of the role of young women and men as essential partners in promoting human rights and development, but also an opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges and hardships facing the world’s youth.

It is intended for this webinar to provide an opportunity to hear from young presenters (35 years old and younger), from school students to young career researchers. Presenters can also be accompanied by (‘older’) RCE leads/coordinators if needed, who can elaborate on their youth activities.

RCEs in the Asia-Pacific region interested in participating are requested to email RCE Srinagar (rcesrinagar@gmail.com) by 27 July, 2020, and send their presentation through to RCE Srinagar by 5 August, 2020. Slots will be reserved only after receiving presentations, and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Each presenter will be given 10 minutes to present. Before submitting, please refer to the presentation guidelines prepared by the event organiser here.

RCEs in regions outside the Asia-Pacific are also welcome to participate in this webinar. If the time zone makes live participation difficult, RCEs may send their pre-recorded presentations (only up to 10 minutes duration), which can be played in the webinar. Note that webinar recordings will also be made available in the public domain.

Please note, no prior registration is required to join this webinar.

Date/Time: Wednesday 12 August, 2020, 14:00-16:30 (AEST)
Access: Join via Zoom here (Meeting ID: 975 5743 3269, Password: 239721)
(Please note for security reasons, all participants will be required to enter the password to enter the webinar)

Background material prepared by RCE Srinagar is available here. For any enquiries regarding the webinar, please contact RCE Srinagar at rcesrinagar@gmail.com.