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RCE Hangzhou

Photo Credit: RCE Hangzhou
Rce details
Date of RCE acknowledgement:
December, 2017
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

Hangzhou, which is one of the cradles of Chinese Civilization and one of the most active centres of economic development in China, has a long history. The natural environment of Hangzhou includes rivers, streams, lakes and mountains. As the structure of populations transform and the development of urban culture diversifies, Hangzhou is an emerging international city now.

RCE Hangzhou is an open and parallel organisation with diverse participation. It integrates resources, knowledge, and experience from all members so that they can contribute to the efficient functioning of the RCE. Moreover, we plan to send out invitations to different social circles so that we are better able to collaborate on future projects. The RCE Committee and the Secretariat will be given responsibility for exploration, policy making, and coordination. These responsibilities will include exploring new resources, developing projects, seeking additional funding, and making policy. The organisation will also establish a transparent and trustworthy framework to ensure equality, fairness, diversity, and cooperation among all members of the RCE.

Photo credit: RCE Hangzhou

Goals and Objectives:

In the short term:

  1. Establishment of the RCE Committee and the Secretariat
  2. Creation of a RCE website
  3. Formation of an RCE organisation and management system, which develops current projects and launches new projects

In the long term:

  1. We will commit ourselves to curriculum development and professional training for sustainability education and to the promotion of environmental protection activities from nursery school through the university
  2. Aiming for equality in education, we pool our strengths to improve equity and foster sustainable development through various channels and methods within all sectors of the workforce
  3. To develop a sound, mature and sustainable development mechanism in order to maintain a stable and sustainable education system
Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

Zhejiang International Studies University

Key Partners:
  • Environmental Education and Communications Center at Bureau of Environmental Protection of Zhejiang Province
  • Green Zhejiang
  • Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany
  • Alibaba Business School e's Power Non-profit Foundation
  • Hangzhou AU Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd.
  • Hangzhou Lichuan Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd
  • Zhejiang Ooowin Education Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Hangzhou Youth & Children’s Center
  • Hangzhou High school
  • Hangzhou Xuejun Elementary School
  • Changjiang Experimental Elementary School
  • Maiyuqiao Elementary School
  • Hangzhou New Century Foreign Language School
  • Hangzhou Qiushi Education Group
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan Gaoqiao Elementary School
  • Hangzhou No.2 High School Baimahu

Photo credit: RCE Hangzhou

Current Activities:
Upcoming Activities:

RCE Hangzhou has held a series of joint activities with our members and the activities are ongoing:

  • Sino-German Cooperation Project on Environmental Education
  • Teaching in the Country
  • Seminar on Trash Classification and Process
  • Protecting Mother River—Qian Tang River
  • Future of Water Supply
  • Internet+ Voluntary Service on Education in the Country
  • Building a Green School
  • Project on Education for Environment Protection and Sustainable Development
Communication Channels
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Contact Details
Main RCE Contact:
Secondary RCE Contact:
Dominik Sprenger
RCE Youth Coordinator(s):
Zhenghan Shi
General RCE email:
RCE mailing address for correspondence:

Rm 401, #2 Bldg, Dream Town, Yuhang Dist., Hangzhou, China 311121