RCE Omuta Celebrates Acknowledgement with Commemoration Ceremony

In celebration of RCE Omuta’s acknowledgement as an RCE at the 14th Ubuntu Committee Meeting of Peers for the RCEs last December, the Omuta Board of Education organised a ceremony to commemorate the occasion on 27 February, 2020 in Omuta, Japan. 

Located within Fukuoka prefecture in Japan, Omuta city is well-regarded for its focus on ESD, with all municipal schools in the city designated as UNESCO Associated schools. 

Approximately 70 participants were in attendance at the ceremony to acknowledge the 8th RCE located in Japan. The keynote presentation, given by Prof. Shinobu Yume Yamaguchi, Director of UNU-IAS, focused on the international progress of ESD and expectations of RCE Omuta, including future diversification of members and strengthening of monitoring and evaluation.

The event provided a good opportunity for participants to learn about the city’s passion and enthusiasm for ESD, and to understand further about their implementation of SDGs on the ground.

(Photo credit: UNU-IAS)