RCE Greater Portland-2017

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Selection of New Board Members and Orientation
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Operations and Capacity Building
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Non-Profit Organization
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Lin Harmon-Walker
Kim Smith
Former GPSEN Director
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Using the formal board selection process established last year via an on-line application process, we received one new mid-year board application and four applicants in June.  All four applicants were accepted, but one withdrew her application.  With three Board Members stepping down, we have a total of 12 Board Members this year. The existing Board members completed the form as well, which allowed us to assess skillsets and complete a matrix to identify expertise, gaps, and demographic diversity.

A formal orientation was given to four new Board members, along with an orientation packet, which included contact information, goals and objectives, our action plan, committee structure, meeting guidelines and modified consensus decision-making process, policies (political advocacy, privacy, conflict of interest, and finances), annual achievements, by-laws, a conflict-of-interests form and a board member commitment form.

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6. Project status
This is an annual process that occurs in the summer, so we will not be selecting any new Board Members until next year.
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