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JOIN NOW! 8th Global RCE Conference Assessment and Evaluation Discussion

Please download the draft paper here: RCE evaluation work in progress 250413 (Copy Edit).docx

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Warm greetings and welcome to this discussion aimed at improving individual RCE assessment and evaluation!

As part of our unflagging spirit and efforts to take the RCE movement forward effectively post DESD – we consider continuous monitoring, evaluation and devising the relevant feedback loops and mechanism of prime importance. We are glad to invite you to be a part of this engaging and participatory process leading and shaping the discussions on ‘Assessment & Evaluation’ at the 8th Global Conference at Nairobi, Kenya later this year.

We believe that the ideas and thoughts shared over this platform, albeit meant to culminate at the global conference – would also have the potential to push and sustain the RCE global movement effectively post DESD as well. We would therefore like to solicit your thoughts, reflections, comments, feedback, suggestions and inputs so as to:
• clearly understand and establish the value and importance of the evaluation exercise from varied angles and perspectives upfront
• devise various ways in which the exercise can be undertaken, how it can be supported and built upon in the future
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For a start, we’d like to encourage you to share your experiences and learning from the self-evaluation exercise that you have been conducting at an individual RCE level so as to enrich this whole developmental process. And, to give direction to the discussion, we would request you to think, reflect and share your thoughts on the following questions:
· Why do you consider evaluation an important exercise for an RCE?
· How do you think the RCE can benefit from it?
· What does it entail for the region in which the RCE operates?
· What are the main elements of the exercise that ensure it to be a valuable Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) tool?
· How would you like to design, streamline and structure the evaluation exercise?
· Would you be able to share details about it in terms of its approach, methodology and stakeholders?
· How can the feedback loop and mechanism be strengthened so as to make it meaningful and impactful?
· Would you be able to cite examples of successful stories/case studies?

Look forward to your responses shortly!