RCE Greater Sudbury-2011

1. Aim: What was the aim of your evaluation? : 
The evaluation is part of the reporting process.
2. Time: When was your evaluation undertaken? : 
The Healthy Community Cabinet undertook an evaluation in the Fall of 2010.
3. Participants & role: Who participated in evaluation and what was their role? : 
Healthy Community Cabinet Advisory Panel, the three sub-committees, and support staff from the member organizations as well as the City of Greater Sudbury. Their role was to review the current strategic plan and revise (if necessary).
4. Method for getting information: How did you obtain information necessary for evaluation? : 
Baseline indicators to discover if challenges in community were getting better.
Quantitative as well as qualitative data were measured and recorded.
5. Findings: What are the main findings of your self-evaluation? : 
The strategy has only been in place for 5 years. There were some minor changes but nothing drastic. We are hoping that at the 10 year mark we will see more positive change.
6. Evaluation: Please indicate if your RCE undertakes any other forms of evaluation. :