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JOIN NOW! 8th Global RCE Conference Public-Private Sector Partnership Discussion Group

Welcome to the 2013 Global RCE Conference Public-Private Sectory Partnership Discussion Group! Please join in the pre-conference discussions today by sharing your thoughts on the topics you feel most need to be addressed in the group meeting during the Global Conference in Nairobi.

Facilitator: Mario Tabucanon


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The strategic discussion on Public-Private Partnership underscores the importance of the private sector as a valuable stakeholder in the RCE network. Currently, involvements of business enterprises in RCE activities are rather limited and in many cases non-existent. The discussion will thus strategies this important partnership and the session is expected to come up with action points on how businesses, as part of their programme for corporate social responsibility or sustainability strategy, can effectively partner with governmental and public institutions together with RCEs in delivering ESD and SD in the region where they are situated. The session will also take on the issue of how the RCE community can contribute to the implementation of the post-2014 Global Action Programme on ESD.
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It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Public-Private Partnership session at the 8th Global RCE Conference. At the conclusion of the session, we should come up with several action points that we would like to report to the plenary session.