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Africa and Middle East

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JOIN NOW! 8th Global RCE Conference Cross-Continental Discussion Group

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Cross-continental/Inter-RCE Collaboration session at the 8th Global RCE Conference. At the conclusion of the session, we should come up with several action points that we would like to report to the plenary session. Please share your thoughts below!

Facilitators: Mario Tabucanon & Ranjana Saikia (RCE Delhi)


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The network of RCEs worldwide constitutes a Global Learning Space on ESD. As such, an RCE is expected to collaborate with other RCEs not only nationally but also cross-continentally. At present, inter-RCE collaboration is limited, but collaborative inter-RCE projects and programs are expected to step up in the years ahead, and with this in mind, the session will focus on developing strategies and action plans for inter-RCE collaboration. There will also be discussion on RCE contribution to the implementation of the post-2014 Global Action Programme on ESD including the priority action area on “local communities – accelerating the search for sustainable development solutions at the local level through ESD”.


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