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JOIN NOW! 8th Global RCE Conference Asia-Pacific Discussion Group

Welcome to the 2013 Global RCE Conference Asia-Pacific Discussion Group! Please join in the pre-conference discussions today by sharing your thoughts on the topics you feel most need to be addressed in the group meeting during the Global Conference in Nairobi.



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Dear Unni, the manuscript of the paper is under publication with Wether and Climate Extreme Journal of Elsevier, however, I can share the contents other way during the process of discussion.

I hope you are planning for a publication on traditional knowledge and if you want I"ll contribute.
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Hi Prof.Rahman, I think you have posted this message here by mistake. We discussed this in the TK and biodiversity group. Anyway thanks for informing about the publication and congratulations ! We do not have a plan to publish on TK again in the near future, but we are working on a publication on health now. So any good materials on health will be useful.
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Friends, This is Abdhesh Gangwar of RCE Srinagar, India. I understand that most of the RCEs have been doing some activities, however, I see very little getting reported. RCE Bulletin exists and wants material to put into it. RCE sharing their reports will be a good sharing of information, learning from each other and we will get to know each other much better this way. So reporting part of their activities, projects by all RCEs is very much needed and emphasized.

Second, There are very few collaborative projects amongst RCEs of the same country, between countries. The point I want to make is RCEs need to work together, do collaborative projects.

Third, Some RCEs have good financial resources, and some do not have funds but good professional and skilled manpower. Blending the two for doing collaborative projects will yield very good results.

RCE Bulletin can be made more frequent and interactive motivating RCEs to contribute to it; use it a tool to seek information and get some problems solved. RCE Service Centre needs to facilitate this. Regards and best wishes,