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Since 2011, the UNU-IAS in collaboration with the Southern African Development Community Regional Environmental Education Programme (SADC-REEP) has been implementing a capacity development programme for African RCEs. Under this initiative, three workshops and two continental meetings have been held. Four focal areas have been identified as being central to strengthening capacities of African RCEs to respond to sustainable development challenges in their regions. These are transformative learning, network governance, collaborative partnerships and community-engaged research. A Course Manual based on the four areas is being finalised. This year is of great significance for the African RCE community following the successful bid by RCE Greater Nairobi to host the 8th Global RCE Conference in Nairobi. The Conference provides an excellent opportunity for the African RCEs to showcase their ESD activities to the rest of the RCE community. As a build up and preparation for the Global Conference, the RCE Service Centre is keen to accomplish the following activities in partnership with the African RCE community: 1. ESD series publication on Africa – RCE Makana is taking the lead 2. Finalisation of RCE Manual – case studies on transformative learning, collaboration, community-engaged research and governance are being sought. 3. Capacity development workshop in July – RCEs in Kenya are taking the lead. 4. Third African RCE Continental meeting in August – Looking for an RCE host. 5. Assessing impact of RCEs in Africa – RCE KwaZulu Natal to take lead You are all encouraged to make use this Continental Community to discuss ways of strengthening the African RCE community, increasing the visibility of RCE work and fostering sustainability practices on the continent.

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