World Rivers Day 2021: Asia-Pacific Forum

Friday, August 27, 2021
Event Place: 

27 August 2021, 11am - 1pm (Malaysia, GMT+8)


RCEs in Asia-Pacific Thematic Collaboration on "Rivers, Water and Livelihoods"

RCE Kuching, Malaysia

Virtual on Zoom (Zoom link will be sent out upon registration) 

RCE Kuching will host a regional forum to commemorate World Rivers Day 2021, which will focus on topics related to river health and sustainable development.

Climate management, flood control, natural habitats, amenities, and cultures are just a few of the ecosystem services supported by natural resources. These are required for the growth of human, social, and natural capital, respectively. On the other side, poorly managed development and human behaviours have had an impact on the environment, particularly in terms of the river, water, and ecosystem pollution.

RCEs in the Asia-Pacific region offer a useful platform for raising awareness about rivers and water ecosystem health by translating global objectives into the context of local populations. Theme collaboration among RCEs in the Asia-Pacific area is critical to achieving the goals, as it promotes more collegiality among RCEs in the Asia-Pacific region and the communities to which they belong. 

Programme Itinerary:

Time Details
11.00am Welcoming
11.05am Keynote address: 
"Rivers and water updates in Asia and Malaysia"
Keynote speaker
11.35am  Forum Session:
Panel speaker 1:  
RCE Srinagar 
Panel speaker 2:  
RCE Greater Western Sydney
Panel speaker 3:  
RCE Dhaka
Panel speaker 4:  
RCE Kuching
Q & A 
12.50pm Closing remarks: 
RCE Kuching
1.00pm  ---  end of programme ---

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