Water, Health and Community at Forefront of Lucknow Student Trip

A partnership between RCE Greater Western Sydney and RCE Lucknow supported 20 Western Sydney University (WSU) students to visit Lucknow and gain a deeper, first-hand knowledge of the SDGs in a global setting.

The students visited Lucknow as part of a New Colombo Plan Immersion tour to learn about water management and health issues in one of the most populated countries in the world. Twenty students largely from The Academy (the University’s program for high-achieving students who are encouraged to be active global citizens) made the trip accompanied by University staff. The program supported and delivered by RCE Lucknow/CEE had a focus on water, health and the community (dominantly SDG 6), with both WSU students and Lucknow University students undertaking the international course together. WSU students also travelled and stayed on a rural farm in regional Lucknow. 

Twenty-year-old student Sarah, who is studying the Bachelor of Humanitarian and Development Studies and Bachelor of Applied Leadership and Critical Thinking, said the trip was an opportunity to combine study and travel in areas that directly related to her degree.

"The Indian students were more than welcoming and so eager to both share their culture with us and learn about our own. But more than that, they provided a wide range of opinions, beliefs and backgrounds that made a significant difference to the quality of the trip," said Sarah.

"In my studies, the Sustainable Development Goals are something we often refer to, and so to study Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation – in greater detail and in a more hands-on setting was invaluable. The focus on both Australia and India was also interesting and reinforced the necessity of global cooperation in addressing the world’s problems. This was particularly important for my degree, as the lessons learnt were lessons that will likely be applicable to my future career."

This is the second year the trip has been run with support from RCE Greater Western Sydney and RCE Lucknow.