thematic areas

Adopt a River Initiative
[Community Empowerment] Improvement of Knowledge and Management Organization Skills, and Development of Youth Human Capital in Taman Medan (2016)
[Transformative Education] Implementation of Basic Literacy Learning Module based on the Folklore of Indigenous Children (2016)
[Community Empowerment] Helping At-Risk Teenagers in Crisis using RESPECTFUL-Community Collaboration-Cultural Empathy (RESCuE) Approach (2016)
[Transformative Education] Street Law for Urban Kids (2016)
[Transformative Education] Technological Application in Quran Lessons for Special Needs Children (2016)
[Community Empowerment] My Voice, My story: A Digital Storytelling Project to Empower Orang Asli Youth and Children in Malaysia (2016)
[Experiental Learning] MeZoo : Enchancing Experiental Learning For School Children (2016)
Youth empowerment for promoting sustainable development education and practice
Regeneration for the Future