Invitation for Co-Operation

Please find enclosed our ‘Invitation for Cooperation’ of RCE’s on the continental level. An invitation we have been working on past month in order to pick up the constructive cooperation of RCEs in Europe now that the GAP is ready to take off and the Okayama Declaration has been published . In this phase, awaiting your ideas and proposals, this is no more than a well meant initiative to establish more togetherness of the RCE’s themselves. From thereon to further consider what the whole group wants to work on, propose, discuss, organize or not, plan, do.

Waste as a Resource: an Excerpt from European Environment Agency

In line with the earlier promise I made in my last post on e-waste to share knowledge of Waste-Wealth initiatives. Here is an important note for EEA.

What if we could use waste as a resource and thereby scale down the demand for extraction of new resources? Extracting fewer materials and using existing resources would help avert some of the impacts created along the chain. In this context, unused waste also represents a potential loss.

9th Global RCE Conference, Japan

As we gear up towards the 9th Global RCE Conference, Japan. I wish to call on all of us to raise our voice in calling for active participation of youths in our immediate environment to take up the challenge of the Post-2014 Decade of Sustainable Development.

It is time to checkmate our activities and identify areas that need to be improved, in view of global demands of our environment and the social well being of the teeming populace in our community.