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June, 2005
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RCE Rhine Meuse works in three countries, in the cross-border region between the cities of Utrecht in The Netherlands, Leuven in Belgium and Bonn in Germany.

The RCE integrates sustainable development into formal education processes, as well as in the flow of knowledge between institutions, companies, NGOs and local government authorities, particularly in the urban context. In doing so, the RCE helps ensure that sustainable development is fully considered in regional decision-making.

The RCE is an independent legal entity (foundation) founded by Zuyd University of Applied Science, the Open University of the Netherlands, Vebego Group (private industry in cleaning and green keeping, 30,000 employees) and KidsLive! (network of schools and companies).

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Working in partnerships with universities in all three countries in the region, along with a number of organizations representing the non-formal education sector, RCE Rhine Meuse is developing a Master’s programme in education for sustainable development and raising awareness of youngsters from 8 to 18 years on sustainable development. Together with other European RCE initiatives or interested parties, RCE Rhine-Meuse runs a research program on the transformative function and effects of education for sustainable development (ESD). In close partnerships with primary and secondary schools and with private industry, RCE Rhine-Meuse works on the entrepreneurial aspects of ESD and "turning ideas into action". 

The work of RCE Rhine-Meuse is based on the OPEDUCA Concept, the development and working of ‘Open Educational Areas/Regions’, in which all cooperate on behalf of the development of the young, further operationalised in a range of instruments for educational transition and ESD. A main aspect of the OPEDUCA Concept is the development and implementation of ongoing (lifelong) learning lines on ESD themes, transforming regular education towards lifelong future-based learning. Thus not only promoting ESD, but basing the whole of education on ESD.

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