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January, 2007
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RCE Pune is located near Mumbai in Maharashtra, central India. Historically, Pune has been the cultural and education centre of Mahrashtra. With the rapid growth of industry and the service sector, Pune is also an important urban centre and an engine of growth. Pune has become the hub of the automobile industry, food processing, information technology and financial sectors. This rapid economic growth is changing the face of the city and creating major development challenges, such as the expansion of municipal limits to engulf surrounding farmland, a lack of systems for the provision of affordable housing and services, and a lack of transparency in governance, budgeting and planning.

Goals and Objectives:

RCE Pune fosters socially and ecologically sound growth using ESD as a key tool to enhance knowledge, promote responsible action and improve governance. Its overall goals are to ensure that:

  • Community groups are mobilized and actively participating in city development planning and monitoring;
  • Protocols for public participation are set up;
  • Knowledge bases are developed and available for civic activities;
  • Capacity of various key groups is developed to allow them to contribute and use knowledge bases in their work; and
  • Processes are in place to ensure that all children go to school.
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