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Date of RCE acknowledgement:
August, 2021
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

RCE Greater Kuala Lumpur (GKL) is a leading centre of excellence for transformative education that inspires, develops and empowers multilayers of society together with the local and global partners in progressing towards a harmonious, equitable and shared sustainable future while protecting the planet and ensuring that no one is left behind. 

Geographic region: 
Greater Kuala Lumpur, previously known as Klang Valley, consists of eleven municipalities that are located in the central of Peninsular Malaysia. While greater focus will be given to this region, RCE GKL’s mutual collaboration with other RCEs, local and international, its virtual engagement and commitment to global citizenship implies the centre’s aspiration for local ingenuity and a borderless network.

Goals and Objectives:
RCE GKL's primary goals are: (1) the life transformation and youth leadership development (2) the development, implementation and upscaling of peace education related to people and the planet that are accessible and relevant to diverse community backgrounds. 
Short-term Objectives:
  1. To identify local challenges for the SDGs mentioned above by drawing out the knowledge and experiences from RCE stakeholders and other local RCEs in an open and transparent way.
  2. To connect stakeholders and partners of all backgrounds for a safe conversation, and facilitate collaboration that leverages their capacity in developing and implementing innovative and effective transformative education.
  3. To facilitate the development and implementation of sound teaching-learning content and delivery of ESD that are relevant to the selected SDGs and the challenges of GKL communities.
  4. To incubate and empower youth to be thought leaders and co-creators in shaping a sustainable and harmonious future. 
  5. To be a resource centre that provides a high quality and reliable data for decision making, evaluation, and proper and regular reporting.
Long-term Objectives:
  1. To be a centre of excellence in providing the capacity building for ESD programmes for the selected 3 SDGs and to be relevant to the local, national and global context for leaders of today and tomorrow. 
  2. To be an inclusive hub that advocates leaving no one behind in its ESD implementation.
  3. To be audacious and genuine to peace building, human justice, environmental protection and partnerships.
  4. To be a centre for lifelong learning that thrives for innovative and creative solutions to enhance today’s wellbeing, harmonious society and the sustainability of the future. 

(Photo credit: RCE Greater Kuala Lumpur)

Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

UCSI Group - SDG Secretariat Office
UCSI Group is a conglomerate of seven clusters: Education, Consultancy, Healthcare, Hotels and Travel, Properties, Retail, and Technology. The group was incepted in 1986. The UCSI brand was launched in 2003 when its education arm was recognised by the Malaysian Education Ministry.  

Key Partners:

Name of organisation: UCSI University (Council) & Dialog Rakyat
Contact name: Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Omar Abdul Rahman 
Contact email: tsomar@gmail.com

Name of organisation: CSO-SDG Alliance & All-Party Parliamentary Group Malaysia for SDGs
Contact name: Dato’ Denison Jayasooria
Contact email: denisonkitaukm@gmail.com

Name of organisation: UCSI Group (Group Corporate Affairs)
Contact name: Leong Sat Sing
Contact email: ssleong@ucsigroup.com.my

Name of organisation: UCSI Group (SDG Secretariat Office); The Blue Ribbon Global & Potato Productions
Role: Chair Person
Contact name: Norani Abu Bakar
Contact email: norani@ucsigroup.com.my

Name of organisation: UCSI College
Role: Vice Chair
Contact name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mabel Tan
Contact email: mabeltan@ucsicollege.edu.my

Name of organisation: Buddhist Missionary Society of Malaysia; Malaysian Youth Council & Centre for Peace and Unity Education
Role: Vice Chair
Contact name: Thai Ming Yeow
Contact email: thaimy17@gmail.com

Name of organisation: UCSI Group (SDG Secretariat Office)
Role: Secretary  
Contact name: Nurul Fatihah Binti Suhaini
Contact email: fatihah@ucsigroup.com.my

Name of organisation: Ba’hai Community Malaysia 
Role: Treasurer 
Contact name: Vidyakaran Subramaniam
Contact email: vidyakaran@bahai.org.my

Name of organisation: Kiwanis Malaysia.; Entrepreneurs’ Organization & The Blue Ribbon Global
Role: Cluster Leader (Peace – People)
Contact name: Rosemary Tan
Contact email: rtan44@gmail.com

Name of organisation: UCSI University (Department of Student Affairs & Alumni)
Role:  Cluster Committee (Peace – People)
Contact name: Lakshumy Kumar
Contact email: lakshumy@ucsiuniversity.edu.my

Name of organisation: UCSI College
Role: Cluster Leader (Peace – Planet) 
Contact name: Nurul Ain Binti Ahmad Sani
Contact email: nurulain@ucsicollege.edu.my

Name of organisation: The Blue Ribbon Global
Role: Cluster Committee (Peace – Planet)  
Contact name: Noorulhuda Abu Bakar
Contact email: noorulhuda.abubakar@gmail.com

Name of organisation: The Blue Mountain Permaculture Institute & Permaculture for Refugees
Role: Cluster Committee (Peace – Planet)  
Contact name: Rosemary Morrow
Contact email: rowemorrow@gmail.com

Name of organisation: UCSI University (Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering)
Role: Cluster Committee (Peace – Planet)  
Contact name: Mohd. Fauzi Bin Zanil
Contact email: mohdfauzi@ucsiuniversity.edu.my

Name of organisation: UCSI University (Faculty of Applied Science)
Role: Cluster Committee (Research)  
Contact name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Crystale Lim Siew Ying
Contact email: crystalelim@ucsiuniversity.edu.my

Name of organisation: Institute of Darul Ehsan (Selangor State Government Think Tank)
Role: Cluster Committee (Research)  
Contact name: Fahmi Adzha
Contact email: fahmiadzha@gmail.com

Name of organisation: UCSI University (Department of Student Affairs & Alumni)
Role: Cluster Youth Leadership Development (Advisor)
Contact name: Megala Chandra Sakeran
Contact email: megala@ucsiuniversity.com.my

Name of organisation: Projek57
Role: Cluster Youth for SDG (Advisor)
Contact name: Debbie Choa
Contact email: debbie.choa@projek57.com

Name of organisation: Potato Productions
Role: Cluster Youth for SDG (Advisor)
Contact name: Sheila Manokaran
Contact email: sheila@potatoproductions.com

Name of organisation: UCSI Schools
Role: Cluster Youth for SDG (Committee)
Contact name: Kumutha Chelliah
Contact email: kumuthac@sh.ucsiinternationalschool.edu.my

Current Activities:
Peace with People
  • Peace and Unity in Diversity Education (OPUDE)
  • Tan Sri Omar Harmony Award (National Level)
  • National English Language Essay Competition
  • My Seni Competition (National)
  • Youth Peace and Unity Virtual Gathering
  • RCE GKL CMCS Oxford Public Seminar (7 Series)
  • World Interfaith Harmony Week
Peace with the Planet
  • Teens4CAP BizChallenge (National)
  • Teens4CAP World Soil Day National Competition
  • Teens Celebration for World Environment Day
  • World Oceans Day Webinar
  • World Environment Day Webinar
  • Education for Climate Action for Peace (E4CAP)
  • Climate Action Incubator Programme (for Teens)

(Photo credit: RCE Greater Kuala Lumpur)

Upcoming Activities:
  • E4CAP National Competition
  • Interfaith Engagement and Interreligious Studies by CPU-Edu
  • Research related to Peace and Unity Education 
  • Research related to Climate Action Education
  • Regenerative Community Garden
  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Malaysia Youth SDG Summit
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Main RCE Contact:
Norani Abu Bakar
Secondary RCE Contact:
Nurul Fatihah Binti Suhaini
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