RCE Gran Caracas

Photo Credit: RCE Gran Caracas
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Date of RCE acknowledgement:
December, 2018
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

The Grand Caracas Region located in north-central Venezuela facing the Caribbean Sea is made up of the Metropolitan Area of Caracas (AMC) and part of the Miranda and La Guaira States. Caracas is located in this region – it is the capital of Venezuela and the country's socio-political and economic neuralgic centre. It is a region with a climatic diversity that ranges from hot, hot humid, moderate and cold. It is considered one of the five cities with the highest concentration of biodiversity in Latin America. The geographic diversity, the climate and the tropical biodiversity explain the high tourist potential of the region.

The Metropolitan Area of Caracas AMC concentrates 80% of employment and 90% of specialised services in health, education and culture at national level. The region development that occurred in the last 60 years made the AMC the most closely related national centre to the global and regional economy. Until a couple of decades ago, the AMC had trained human resources, infrastructure and available public services and good economic performance, as well as a high percentage of public and private jobs. At present, due to the economic political situation of the country, the situation in the region has drastically changed, where the industrial park tends to paralyse, and many companies are moving their headquarters to neighbouring countries, increasing unemployment and migration. This is how the Grand Caracas region, with great potential from the perspective of a tourist bioregion, also presents great social, political and economic challenges.


Goals and Objectives:

We are a network of professionals and volunteers from society, oriented to transformative and comprehensive education for the construction of sustainable development in Grand Caracas, within a framework of respect for human rights and other living beings, promoting responsibility, solidarity and prosperity.

To be a reference network in the exchange of experiences and good local, regional and global practices of transformative education that consolidates a sustainable development's culture, in a democratic framework and respect for human rights and other living beings.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. To generate solutions for the complex humanitarian emergency under the criteria of Sustainable Development considering human rights and other living beings.
  2. To train all social volunteers from the Grand Caracas for Sustainable Development through transformative education in the formal, non-formal and informal fields.
  3. To promote universities' transformation into living laboratories of sustainability through the functions of teaching, research, extension and management.
  4. To empower young people as transforming agents for Sustainable Development.
  5. To promote peace practices in the children from the Grand Caracas through green actions. 

Photo credit: RCE Gran Caracas


Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

Central University of Venezuela

Key Partners:

RCE Coordination and Secretariat
Name of organisation: Universidad Central de Venezuela
Role: RCE General Coordination 
Contact Name: Geovanni Siem
Contact Email: geovanni.siem@gmail.comrcegranccs@gmail.com

Name of organisation: Universidad Central de Venezuela
Role: RCE Secretariat 
Contact Name: Inirida Rodriguez
Contact Email: iniromil@gmail.comrcegranccs@gmail.com

RCE Directive Committee
Name of organisation: : Universidad Central de Venezuela
Role: RCE Directive Committee
Contact Name: Maritza Rivas
Contact Email: srivasmari@gmail.com, rcegranccs@gmail.com

Name of organisation: Universidad Catolica Andrés Bello
Role: RCE Directive Committee
Contact Name: Joaquín Benitez
Contact Email: jbenitezmaal@gmail.com

Name of organisation: Universidad Metropolitana
Role: RCE Directive Committee
Contact Name: Yazenia Frontado
Contact Email: yfrontado@unimet.edu.ve, yfrontado@gmail.com

Name of organisation: Universidad Simón Bolívar
Role: RCE Directive Committee
Contact Name: Nila Pellegrini
Contact Email: pellegriniblanco.nilacoromoto@gmail.com

Name of organisation: Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador
Role: RCE Directive Committee
Contact Name: Yanetti Contreras
Contact Email: yanettic@gmail.com

Name of organisation: RCE Youth Coordinator
Role: RCE Directive Committee
Contact Name: Samantha Barrios
Contact Email: mebarrio@ucab.edu.vemerny27@gmail.com


Current Activities:
  • Development of the organisation: Governance, a horizontal structure that allows the development of joint actions under the guiding principles established by the UN
  • Outreach and Information Program, framed in the SDGs, through conferences, forums, challenges where specialists from different areas propose solutions to overcome the humanitarian emergency conditions that the region is experiencing
  • Program to promote Universities as Sustainable Campus.
  • Program to promote the activities of members and allies of the RCE around ESD

Photo credit: RCE Gran Caracas

Upcoming Activities:
  • Continuing with the partners and allies' integration of the RCE Gran Caracas in order to reach and train more social volunteers of the Grand Caracas
  • To continue promoting the transformation of universities into living laboratories of sustainability
  • Developing programs that promote green actions and foster peace practices in the children of Grand Caracas

Photo credit: RCE Gran Caracas

  • Organisation design, governance, structure (Document and graphics)
  • Advances in the Transformation of our universities into living laboratories of sustainability
  • Training and/or action workshops with the communities
  • Establishment of action networks between young people of the RCE Grand Caracas and young people of the RCEs of the Americas (RCE Youth within Grand Caracas)


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Instagram: @rcegrancaracas
Contact Details
Main RCE Contact:
Geovanni Siem
Secondary RCE Contact:
Maritza Rivas
RCE Youth Coordinator(s):
Samatha Barrios
General RCE email:
RCE mailing address for correspondence:

Vicerectorado Académico UCV / Academic Vice-Rectorate UCV
Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas. Universidad Central de Venezuela. Edificio del rectorado. Piso 2. Urbanización Los Chaguaramos, Municipio Libertador. Parroquia el Recreo. Caracas-Distrito Capital, Venezuela. ZP 1053