RCE Ogun Runs Financial Literacy Workshop for Sustainable Businesses

On 18 April, 2019, RCE Ogun, in conjunction with the Department  of  Banking and Finance, Covenant University, Ota, conducted a workshop titled ‘Financial Literacy for Sustainable Business’, at Covenant University, Nigeria, with 325 participants in attendance.

The workshop addressed how to use the knowledge of the financial system and products to enhance the sustainability of their businesses, with papers presented on topics such as micro-insurance for sustainable businesses and good financial practices for SMEs in relation to resilience.

The event brought together micro and small business owners, relevant stakeholders, industry experts, researchers, and students, with participants learning about the importance of incorporating the three Ps (Planet, People, and Prosperity) into business models, where sustainability concepts shape the driving force of the firm and its decision making, and where businesses are transformed by social and environmental fundamentals.

For more information: http://rceogun.covenantuniversity.edu.ng/financial-literacy-workshop-at-...

(Photo credit: RCE Ogun)