RCE Greater Portland-2016

1. Project Title: 
Think Tank
2. Thematic area/s addressed by the project
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3. Project partner contact information : 
Community Energy Project
Host Organization
Main Contact: 
Sherrie Pelsma
Sherrie Pelsma
Community Partner
Alternative project contact: 
James Reed
Community Partner
4. Project type
5. Project description
Provide a short description of the project including strategies, regional challenges, aims and specific project activities.: 

Our GPSEN Think Tank supports our research and advocacy efforts, in addition to providing a forum for innovative discussions.


  • Support GPSEN Research & Curriculum committee.
  • Create a central organizing tool to allow researchers, visionaries, and all who are interested in asking deeper cultural and policy questions about how to use concepts and theories to help create a more sustainable future.
  • Complete research for asset map of existing sustainability research and researchers in the greater Portland region and beyond.
  • Serve as a central hub to connect researchers and students with research questions and funders, allowing opportunities for engagement.
  • Address core priority action areas in UNESCO‚Äôs Global Action Programme on ESD.
  • Offer Fellowship and Internship opportunities
  • Host an annual Sustainability Symposium
6. Project status
On Going
We host regular meetings for thought-provoking conversations, networking, and event-planning.
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