RCE Grand Rapids-2018

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Youth Virtual Conference (update)
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All RCE Grand Rapids members
Authorship and transmission
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Ryan Huppert
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​The Youth Virtual Conference (YVC) is an annual event that brings together secondary school students from North, Central and South America, Europe and Africa in real time/virtual space to explore together challenging sustainability issues.  Classes in participating RCE member communities prepare a presentation on the topic which they share with their peers through Blackboard technology in a one-half day conference.  Participants can ask questions and discuss issues, learning from their peers.

6. Project status
On Going
This year RCE Grand Rapids was pleased to help RCE Minna, Nigeria hold the first trans-Africa YVC. This successful effort built on training, technical support and day-of-event technology monitoring by our Grand Valley State University IT Department.

RCE Grand Rapids offers this support and the technology platform to any RCE who wishes to host a Regional YVC.
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