RCE Dublin-2015

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RCE Dublin - Green Teen Transitions
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Partner RCE Dublin, Lead Partner
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Elaine Nevin
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Project Objectives):

To design and deliver online ESD training to unemployed youth on concepts, contexts, principles and practices of sustainability.

To provide online mentoring and educational support for youth transitioning towards further education/ employment in the green economy.

To increase youth transitions towards further education and/ or employment.

Description & Partner Role:

The “Green Pathways” project was initiated in 2012 by ECO-UNESCO Ireland and provides certified training and internships within Green companies for long-term unemployed youth aged 16-25 across Dublin. The Green Teen Transitions’ project adds value to this ECO-UNESCO project by connecting unemployed teens (16-19) to an online platform (Moodle) providing access to mentors and specialised training modules on sustainability, in advance of and during the work-place based internship. Furthermore, the unemployed youth will be placed for a period of nine weeks within multinational companies aligned with the aforementioned Green Way network. The Green Way network includes the North Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Fingal County Council, Dublin County Council, Ballymun Regeneration scheme, a non-governmental organisations, and Dublin Airport Authority, as well as multinational companies and industries. Therefore, this network includes opportunities for work placements in many different types of work-places settings.

A blended online ESD model will be deployed, with a focus of ‘flipping the classroom’ so that 50-80% of the course will be made available using social media and multimedia formats on Moodle, and the remainder will consist of face-to-face tutorials at participating institutions.

The course will be piloted and evaluated within the greater Dublin area, with the expectation that it will be made available on a national basis on completion of the pilot phase. Research publications detailing the process of designing and implementing the Green Teen Transitions course, and examining its role in facilitating social inclusion, will be disseminated nationally and internationally.

6. Project status
On Going
Unemployed youth have been participating in this innovative programme since May/ June 2015 - they have completed the blended learning dimension of the programem and are currently serving internships within companies.
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