New TVET Initiative COMMEET

COMMEET is a new TVET initiative envisioning tailor-made vocational education and entrepreneurship training for regional communities anywhere in the world. The goal of COMMEET is to achieve optimal embedding of TVET and entrepreneurship initiatives in these communities.

Advancing community-empowered TVET-centres requires generating a dynamic, expanding global network, with educators and educating facilities of every type and form, both formal and non-formal, including private institutions and governmental organisations, ranging from universities and training and education centres to equally important skilled local craftsmen and women.  

Why is COMMEET so important?

According to long-time Ubuntu member and avid RCE network supporter Jos Herrmans, chair of COMMEET, "TVET is a meaningful instrument for sustainable regional development with a responsibility to serve the individual region in which it is rooted. The future of communities highly depends on available professional training possibilities. To promote a smoooth cooperation between regional communities and TVET, innovative approaches are needed." 

The TVET-centre can help identify which skills are needed to maximise employability in the region. The communities can in turn support the centres in differen ways. Moreover, in these TVET Schools sustainability will have to be practiced and taught, like democracy, civil rights, gender equalities among other. These new requirements for TVET & Entrepreneurship training resemble new approach to community-cooperation and community-making, in line with the SDGs.

The NGO COMMEET (COME AND MEET) was originally developed to assist all communities with the ambition to improve the functioning of their local TVET-schools and/or to initiate new schools and entrepreneurship training centres. This initiative will particularly serve developing countries, but also serve well in highly developed regions of the world. The NGO COMMEET is an independent foundation,supported by many members of international organizations. RCE network colleagues such as Charles Hopkins and Dzul Razak are active ambassadors of COMMEET. 

RCEs and their stakeholders are invited to join this initiative. Membership is free of charge.  Read more about COMMEET here. Emails can be sent to