Outcomes 7th African RCE Meeting 2017

African RCEs Make Formal Recommendations for Curricula Change, Policy Dialogue, and Youth Engagement

African RCEs met for the 7th African RCE Conference in Lusaka, Zambia on 2-4 August 2017  to discuss capacity development initiatives and more coherent approaches to implement Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Africa. RCE Lusaka kindly hosted the conference with the theme “RCE Initiatives: Milestones for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”


7th African Regional Conference, Initiatives in Africa, Marlene Chikuni and Abdul Husaini

Recommendations from the 7th African RCE Meeting, Lusaka, Zambia

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through ESD in the Context of RCEs, Case of RCE Greater Pwani, Hamisi T. Mkuzi

Environmental Justice and Sustainability Clinic, Bernadettah Maria Kamzimbi Zimba

Triple Heliy Plus+ Model: An Innovative Partnership in Line with SDG 17, RCE Port Harcourt, C.M. Uche, Etela and O. Akaranta, RCE Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Youth Involvement in Poverty Reduction, Waste to Wealth, Erondu Chinonso Ngozi, RCE Port Harcourt

Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), Allan Dauchi

The Lake Chilwa Basin Climate Change Adaptation Programme: Lessons in Implementing SDGs, RCE Zomba, Marlene Chikuni

Zambia's Ministry of Education Initiatives towards the Implementation SDG 4, Pamela Chirwa-Banda

RCE Greater Nairobi 2017 – Activities, Mary Otieno

RCE Greater Dar es Salaam 2017 - Activities

RCE Greater Pwani - Introduction and Overview, Hamisi T. Mkuzi

The Charles Hopkins Research Model on Reorienting Education, Ibrahim Akibu Ja’afaru, RCE Minna Youth

Reclamation of Abandoned Closed Mineral Mines for Sustainable Development in Nasarawa State, Nigeria, Yahaya Mohammed

Zambian Youth Involvement in Climate Action, Miyoba Buumba

RCEs and the Implementation of the SDGs: An African Perspective, Soul Shava  

Biodiversity Issues and the Learning Processes, Martha R.Ngalowera

The Story of Harare, Cecilia Mukundu

Youth Involvement in Ensuring Good Health and Well-Being for ALL at All Ages, Sopani R. Muzumara


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