Europe Regional Meeting 2022 (Part II)

Europe Regional Meeting 2022 (Part II)

10-13 October, 2022, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, hosted by RCE Fryslân

(Photo credit: Frank van der Velde)

The Europe Regional Meeting 2022 (Part II) was hosted by RCE Fryslân and held in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands from 10-13 October, 2022, under the theme 'Greater than the Sum of the Parts; Strengthening the European RCE Network for ESD'.

In response to the ongoing IPCC reports about climate change and other SDG-related challenges that await our youth, participants at the European RCE meeting earlier this year expressed a strong urge to further mobilise the knowledge, skills and energy that is among our members.

After this successful inspirational online session in February 2022, this Meeting provided the opportunity to come together to strengthen the bonds, and discuss in person how to continue our cooperation more effectively.

Following two years of connecting online, the Meeting provided an exciting and important opportunity to meet face-to-face, to share experiences as RCEs and to take the next steps for inter-regional cooperation and collaboration within the European region. The central question of the event was how all regional expertise on ESD can be brought together in such a way that we can support the changes Europe has to make for a thriving future in a sustainable and equitable world.

A recap of the meeting is available here.

The Global RCE Service Centre would like to thank the team at RCE Fryslân for their wonderful efforts and organisation in making the Europe Regional Meeting 2022 (Part II) a success, and to all participants for their active participation and contributions.


Date/Time: 10-13 October, 2022

Location: Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Programme: Final programme


11 OCTOBER, 2022

Presentation Presenter/s
Welcome: Greater than the Sum of the Parts - Strengthening the European RCE Network for ESD Maximilian Eisenbart and Heleentje Swart (RCE Fryslân)
RCE updates: 2021-2022 Global RCE Service Centre Philip Vaughter (UNU-IAS)
History of Our RCE Network, Where Are We Now and How to Find Out Where We Want to Go… Betsy King (Regional Advisor European RCE Network)
Coming on board – SESSION I Kirsten Leask (RCE Scotland)
Whole School Approach Jans Helmers (AERES)
Campus Fryslân Piet Bouma (University of Groningen)
Poster: Living Labs - From Global Challenges to Local Solutions University of Groningen Campus Fryslân
Poster: RCE Fryslân Heleentje Swart and Maximilian Eisenbart (RCE Fryslân)

12 OCTOBER, 2022

Presentation Presenter/s
Towards Transformative Learning Environments in the Blue Delta Carlo Seegers (Friesland College)
Designing Games For Good Tim Laning (Grendel Games)
ESD for 2030 Country Initiatives Bernard Combes (UNESCO)
'Out on an Open Sea' Kirsten Leask (RCE Scotland) & Detlev Lindau-Bank (RCE Oldenburger Münsterland)

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Photos from the meeting have been uploaded on Facebook here.