Deadline Extended: RCE Youth SDG Challenge 2019

Following a successful pilot last year, the 2019 RCE Youth SDG Challenge ‘Youth for the Goals: Social Inequalities’ is back! Led by the Asia-Pacific Regional Youth Leaders (from RCE Greater Western Sydney and RCE Yogyakarta) via the RCE network, this year's challenge will focus on SDG 1: No Poverty, SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation and SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities and is open to all youth globally. To date, 13 youth-led projects will partake, representing 11 RCEs and two external organisations.

For interested youth, the project submission deadline has been extended, with submissions being accepted until 28 February, 2019.

Projects submitted by participants are to address the needs of their community, while addressing and educating fellow participants on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and working towards achieving the targets. The aim of this challenge is for youth (35 years and younger) to lead projects they are passionate about for youth in their local places. RCE project submissions to date include:

  • RCE Central Semenanjung, Malaysia: Sports Exergaming Competition for Individuals with Physical Disabilities, led by Dr. Maziah Mat Rosly
  • RCE Central Semenanjung, Malaysia: Reduced Inequalities among People with Disabilities, led by Dr. Nasrul Auar Abd Razak
  • RCE Greater Eastern Uganda, Uganda: Purification of Water using Household Sand Filters, led by Mr Oyege Ivan
  • RCE Greater Portland, USA: Youth-led Earth Day River Restoration and Clean-up, led by Ms Serena Dressel
  • RCE Greater Portland, USA: Empowering Students for Environmental Justice Workshop, led by Ms Serena Dressel
  • RCE Greater Western Sydney, Australia: Menstruation Packs for All Indian Girls to Keep Them in Education, led by Ms Michelle Boyle
  • RCE Lucknow, India: Let's Learn and Act Now, led by Ms Ruchira Nigam
  • RCE Penang, Malaysia: H2U (Hydrogen to you), led by Mr Abdul Fikry Bin Adb Rahim/RCE Sejahtera Youth Club
  • RCE Tongyeong, South Korea: RCE Tongyeong Youth Network, led by Ms Yeohin Yoon
  • RCE Yogyakarta, Indonesia: The Engagement Citizen Prosperous through Social, Economic and Healthy Environment Issue. A Case Study: The Management of Plastic Garbage to Be Fuel as like Gasoline, Fuel Diesel and Kerosene, led by Mr Hajisman Man
  • Teach for Green (sub-set of RCE Delhi), India: Green School Green Community, led by Mr Ajay Kumar

A number of external organisations are also participating in this year’s challenge. These include:

  • Abhivyakti Media for Development, India: Campaign to Reduce Gender Inequalities in Villages of Nashik District, led by Ms Kajal Ashok Boraste
  • Digiland, Bangladesh: Protecting Land Ownership through Blockchain Technology in Bangladesh, Mr Niklas Friese

The 2018 ‘Youth for the Goals: Climate Action and Life Below Water’ collectively achieved an engagement of nearly 40,000 youth participants across the Asia-Pacific region. The final report is now available (Youth for the Goals 2018: Climate Action and Life Below Water - final report) and is reflective of the participants' voices.

To read more and to apply (applications are being accepted until 28 February, 2019), please visit the Youth SDG Challenge 2019 page here.

The Challenge will conclude on 1 September, 2019, with a virtual youth summit planned shortly after.