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Review of RCE Severn

Celebrating its 8th year, RCE Severn has taken stakeholder feedback and undergone review by independent consultants NetPositive. Committed to continuous improvement, this has been a timely review, incorporated into an institutional University of Gloucestershire’s Promising Future Sustainability Strategy 2009–2015 review.


The review explored learnings of the past eight years, aiming to enhance the effectiveness and value of the RCE’s network. A panel of experts and peers contributed to this process considering findings of the review and identifying future pathways.


RCE Severn’s catalytic role from the local to the international level was identified as a key success, having stimulated innovative thinking and practice in sustainability through brokering tangible partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders. It has hosted numerous forums and events on leading edge ESD topics and attracted hundreds of delegates. An on-going challenge for RCE Severn has been the depth of engagement from local partners, by building a culture of collaboration and partnerships for ESD this hopes to be addressed.

United Kingdom