RCE Saskatchewan

RCE Saskatchewan is based in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada and covers the cities of Craik, Regina and Saskatoon, as well as the rural corridor that runs between Regina and Saskatoon cities. Established in 2006, RCE Saskatchewan enables the province to identify, understand, and build on opportunities in Education for Sustainable Development at a regional level while learning from the educational experiences of others around the world. The dedicated focus of the network on research into Education for Sustainable Development recognizes the vital role education plays in the broad transformations needed for more sustainable ways of living.

RCE Saskatchewan involves academic faculty and employees from several higher education institutions in Saskatchewan. Together, this group of partners is focused on increasing literacy and access to quality basic education for all within the region, as well as raising public awareness about sustainability in the region. Through their work, they are able to:

  • Identify key issues of sustainability and sustainability projects in the region
  • Open networks for knowledge sharing
  • Create ongoing opportunities for collaborative work on ESD projects
  • Integrate sustainability into formal education curricula
  • Create formal linkages promoting ESD between organisations
  • Identify current research in ESD and coordinate new ESD research projects
  • Develop and incorporate science and technology into ESD
  • Advocate for ESD outcomes in the region
  • Document, measure and evaluate ESD projects and programs

One of RCE Saskatchewan's most significant accomplishments is its ESD Project Inventory and Map. The RCE identified ESD projects, researchers, and schools facilitating ESD projects within the region, created an inventory of those projects and then mapped them using Google Maps. The purpose of this inventory is to support collaboration and partnerships, to spread the word about good work occurring throughout the RCE Saskatchewan region, and to increase awareness about ESD projects. In addition to this effort, the RCE has also created seven working groups to tackle regional issues related to:


  • Climate change
  • Supporting and bridging cultures
  • Building sustainable communities
  • Farming and local food production, consumption, and waste minimization
  • Health and healthy lifestyles
  • Reconnecting to Natural Prairie Ecosystems
  • Sustainable infrastructure including water and energy

For more information on this RCE, please visit their website at http://www.saskrce.ca/ or contact:

Roger Petry
Luther College
University of Regina
Regina, SK
Canada S4S 0A2


Lyle A. M. Benko
L*A*M*B Consulting
Environmental and Educational Consulting
1410 Radway St. N.
Regina, SK
Canada S4X 4A7