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RCE Buea

Photo Credit: RCE Buea
Rce details
Date of RCE acknowledgement:
December, 2012
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

RCE Buea is a multi-stakeholder platform, mobilized to deliver education for sustainable development (ESD) to local and regional communities in Cameroon. This network includes higher education institutions, research institutions, schools, NGOs, local municipalities, businesses, and civil society. Created in 2011 and officially accredited by UNU-IAS in 2013, the network has promoted the implementation of ESD in Cameroon mostly through collaborative projects in a wide range of domains.

RCE Buea is currently working on expanding its membership base through general sensitization at national level with intentions of extending its activities to other regions of the country.

Both individuals and institutions can become members of the network.

Photo credit: RCE Buea

The various stakeholders are working together towards the achievement of the RCE’s vision which is addressing socio-economic and developmental problems identified in the region and ensuring the effective implementation of ESD. Members therefore contribute expertise and other resources according to competence, availability and level of interest. RCE Buea was initially established in the South West Region of Cameroon but its activities and influence has extended beyond regional limitations. Presently the platform is involved in activities in most of the regions of the country. Recently, the RCE was involved in a waste management campaign in the city of Douala which is found in the Litoral Region of Cameroon. 

Goals and Objectives:

Address major socio-economic and environmental challenges identified in the South West Region of Cameroon and to promote Education for Sustainable Development initiatives.

Short term objectives:

  1. To establish partner relationships with other RCE world wide for the exchange of ideas and experience.
  2. Use media, workshops, talks and seminars to raise public awareness on the importance and merits of ESD.
  3. To coordinate, develop and implement poverty alleviation schemes in communities of the South west region aimed at improving living standards.
  4. Facilitate networking, linkages, exchange and interaction among stakeholders in ESD
  5. Assist educational authorities in sourcing, identifying and promoting didactic materials on ESD.
  6. Initiate and enhance Conservation and sustainable resource management initiatives in the region.
  7. Establish training schemes for schools (teachers and students) and communities at all levels to foster EDS in the region

Long term objectives:

  1. Work on practically involving community members at all levels in the planning, identification and implementation of programmes.       
  2. Research on identifying aspects of ESD that are already applied in our schools as a first step to introducing it in the school programme.
  3. Support government, communities and other stakeholders to develop capacity to come up with programs on promoting environmentally sensible and sustainable solutions which will improve teaching and learning environments for children, with special attention to ESD.
  4. Assist and support member organizations in the sourcing and mobilization of funds needed for implementation of projects that address major challenges.
  5. Promotion and introduction of local low cost technology that addresses ESD concerns.
Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

Green Cameroon

Key Partners:

Name of organisation: Wewuley Consultancy
Role: Vice Chair of the platform, in charge of out-reach
Contact name: Ndumbe Ekema Stephen
Contact email:

Name of organisation: Muyuka Council
Role: Mobilisation and logistics
Contact name: Njie Joseph
Contact email:

Current Activities:
  • Waste Management Campaign
  • Plastics collection in the Muyuka
  • Schools Environmental Clubs

Photo credit: RCE Buea

Upcoming Activities:
  • Renewable energies for communities
  • ESD Curriculum for Schools

Since its acknowledgement in 2013, RCE Buea has carried out a number of collaborative projects involving most of its members. These activities have included awareness raising on ESD issues, advocacy and practically projects mostly in the domain of nature conservation. The platform has been instrumental in presenting at various forums where input is needed on ESD related issues. For its work, RCE Buea has won two Flagship project awards from the UNU-IAS. We have also been instrumental in the development of a curriculum for the teaching of ESD in Cameroon schools. In the last two years, we work with other stakeholders in running some ESD Pilot Schools. Currently we are working on formalising this initiative at the national level for general implementation. 

Photo credit: RCE Buea

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P.O. Box 96, Buea, Cameroon