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RCE Minna Youth Network Inter-schools debate championship, 1 October, 2015, Minna, Nigeria

RCE Minna is collaborating with the Young People for Africa Development (YPAD) and the African Center of Extra-Curricular Research and Development (ACERAD) to hold an Inter-Schools Debate Championship with the Theme: Youth, Education and Independence. The programme to be held on 1st October, 2015 together with Nigeria's Independence Day. The aim of the programmes is to present a platform that creates voices for young Africans from its inception.

The idea of organising the 2015 Minna Debate Championship was first conceived at the latest RCE Minna Youth Network Round Table Discussion, held on 16th August, 2015 at the RCE Minna Resource Centre. The event was one of RCE Minna Youth Network Initiatives in bringing other youth led organisations to direct their focus on Sustainable Development and volunteer towards achieving it. RCE Minna Youth Network decided to collaborate with some of the youth organisations that participated at the round table discussion to organise the Minna debate championship to commemorate Nigeria’s Independence.

About ten secondary schools from Minna will participate in the debate. The schools are paired off in twos. Grading would be on an individual performance first, then on school performance. Therein, the first two schools would battle it out on the second stage of the debate to select the overall winner.  

RCE Minna Youth Network will provide expertise in framework, host the meeting and will be part of the judging team. Furthermore, RCE Minna will design and produce the programme banner and hire a Disc Jockey (DJ). For more information on this event and the programme please click here

The report of the event can be downloaded here.

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