RCE Greater Portland-2017

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Think Tank
2. Thematic area/s addressed by the project
3. Project partner contact information : 
Community Energy Project
Main Contact: 
Sherrie Pelsma
James Reed
Social Sculpture
Alternative project contact: 
Milt Markewitz
Think Tank Member
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5. Project description
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Our GPSEN Think Tank supports our research and advocacy efforts, in addition to providing a forum for innovative discussions.



  • Support GPSEN Research & Curriculum committee.
  • Create a central organizing tool to allow researchers, visionaries, and all who are interested in asking deeper cultural and policy questions about how to use concepts and theories to help create a more sustainable future.
  • Complete research for asset map of existing sustainability research and researchers in the greater Portland region and beyond.
  • Serve as a central hub to connect researchers and students with research questions and funders, allowing opportunities for engagement.
  • Address core priority action areas in UNESCO’s Global Action Programme on ESD.
  • Offer Fellowship and Internship opportunities
  • Host annual Sustainability Symposium

5 Think Tank meetings were held throughout the year, hosted at the Community Energy Project, along with multiple working group planning meetings for the Symposium and Indigenous Wisdom event.

6. Project status
On Going
The Think Tank meets regularly and hosts multiple events during the year, in addition to housing our Fellows program.
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