RCE Greater Portland-2017

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Marketing Campaign
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Other (please clarify) : 
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Outreach Coordinator
Main Contact: 
Lin Harmon-Walker
Briar Schoon
Portland Community College
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5. Project description
Provide a short description of the project including strategies, regional challenges, aims and specific project activities.: 

While we did not develop a formal partnership outreach strategy this year, we successfully created a marketing and communications campaign, with various handouts for tabling and advanced social media tools.  In addition to our popular GPSEN bookmark, an SDG handout, and a 2-page annual report, Portland Community College’s Sustainability Manager and Graphics team created a half-sheet professional flyer (see attachment) which highlights our logo, vision and signature projects, along with contact information.

The Board of Directors worked together to share their key talking points for GPSEN to help each other develop elevator speeches.  Powerpoint templates have also been created to offer short and longer presentations on RCEs, the SDGs, and GPSEN.

Our communications team also continued to advance our on-line presence and social media efforts:

  • GPSEN website updated and managed by a PCC computer science student intern.  We worked with a PCC instructor to identify ways to standardize the website and document processes so that new interns can easily step into the position each schoolyear. It is recommended that a new website be created, with further relationships built with new interns and technical experts
  • Management of MailChimp listserv – subscriptions to our listserv continue to grow.  We are currently up to 668 members. People can subscribe to our newsletter via our website. The listserv is used for our newsletter and for occasional emails and event reminders.
  • The bi-weekly newsletter is edited by a communications intern and the GPSEN Director, with content submitted by formal and informal partners from throughout the region. The newsletter highlights GPSEN programs, community events, trainings and conferences, jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities, and curriculum resources.  A submission form is available through our website: gpsen.org.
  • Newsletter content is also shared on GPSEN’s website, with archives of newsletters going back to 2014.  Additional current resources and events are shared via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RCE.GreaterPortland/ and Twitter #GPSENews.
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6. Project status
On Going
Outreach and communications are key tools and efforts in our RCE, so we are always revising materials and strategies.
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