Call for Submissions for New RCE Publication: Disaster Risk Reduction in ESD

The Global RCE Service Centre would like to invite RCEs from around the world to contribute to a publication on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Education for Sustainable Development. While RCEs can certainly indicate other themes that the ESD project or practice includes, the focus of this work will be on Disaster Risk Reduction in education. Any authors interested in sharing an ESD project related to DRR are asked to:

  1. Send an expression of interest to the Global RCE Service Centre ( as soon as possible
  2. Complete the new ESD project template in full and submit it to the Global RCE Service Centre ( by 30 November, 2018. Download the template here.

Should you wish to join this project, all authors must declare from the outset the novelty of the content, that no parts of the manuscript have been published, nor are currently being considered for publication elsewhere, and that the authors are willing to provide the required information in the guidelines provided in the template, including securing the permission of all organisational actors involved in the project in addition to any established timelines.

While we will be collecting material throughout 2018, this project will not move to the publication stage until 2019 at the earliest.

Please note if you want to nominate your project for an RCE Award, your RCE will still have to submit this project into the RCE Portal through a separate process.

If you have any specific questions for clarification, please contact Dr. Philip Vaughter ( with a copy to the Global RCE Service Centre. We look forward to receiving your submissions!