7th Global RCE Conference Tongyeong, the Republic of Korea, 2012

The 7th Global RCE Conference was held in Tongyeong, the Republic of Korea, from 21 to 24 September 2012. The Conference looked to the end of the Decade on Education for Sustainable Development in 2014 and beyond, providing a vision for the future and generating the momentum needed to make that vision a reality.

Read about all that happened at the conference by downloading the 7th Global RCE Conference brochure here.

You can download the full minutes by clicking here. Available powerpoints and presentations are posted below.

You can download photos from the conference on our conference website (http://2012.rce.or.kr/
Please download the video from UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova that was shown at the Opening Ceremony by clicking here.
Please find below the video of conference overview that was shown at the closing ceremony: 
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Session 1 & 2: Opening Ceremony
Keynote Address, Hans van Ginkel (Download PPT here)
Brief Introduction and Overview of the RCE Community, Zinaida Fadeeva UNU-IAS (Download PPT here)
Panel Discussion on Bringing Rio+20 Agenda Forward
 - Katsunori Suzuki, Kanazawa University (Download PPT here)
 - Clemens Mader, RCE Graz-Styria
 - Zinaida Fadeeva, UNU-IAS
Session 3 & 4: Thematic Discussions
Climate Change (Download PPT here)
Health and ESD
Teacher Education & Better Schools (Download PPT here)
SCP & Sustainable Livelihoods and Well-being
Youth (Download PPT here)
Higher Education (Download the PPTs here, here and here)
Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity (Download PPT here)
Disaster Risk Reduction
Inclusive Development and Learning
Session 5: Parallel Sessions
Policymakers Roundtable Discussion 
- (Download General Statement here)
- (Download MOE-Japan PPT here)
- (Download NEMA-Kenya PPT here)
- (Download RCE Cebu PPT here)
- (Download RCE Tongyeong PPT here)
ESD Good Practice Presentation (Read the case studies that were presented by clicking here)
Session 6: Continental Discussions
Session 7: Strategies to Implement Visions of the RCE Community
Capacity Development (Download PPT here)
Appraisal of RCEs
Research and Development
Governance and Coordination (Download PPT here)
Engagement with Policymakers (Download PPT here)
Cross-continental/Inter-RCE Collaboration
Session 8: Operational Discussions
Fundraising & Marketing (Download PPT here)
Communications & Outreach (Download PPT here)
Engagement with International Sustainability Processes
Session 9: Reporting Session
Thematic, Continental, Strategic and Operational Sessions (Download PPT here)
Open discussion: Road Map of RCE's to 2014 and Beyond
Session 10: Field Trip
Session 11: Closing Ceremony
Recap of the Conference (Download PPT here)
Towards the next Global RCE Conference (Download PPT here)
Tongyeong, the Republic of Korea, 2012