6th Global RCE Conference Kerkrade, the Netherlands, 2011

The 6th Global RCE Conference was organized in Kerkrade, the Netherlands by UNU-IAS and hosted by RCE Rhine-Meuse, in close collaboration with all European RCEs. Approaching the end of the DESD, the aim of the conference was to share a common vision and strategy, enhance collaboration among RCEs and related UN agencies, and to work together towards 2014 and beyond.

Full Program (Download PDF)
Full Meeting Minutes (Download PDF)
Available PPT presentations and background papers for download:
Session 1: Opening 
Session 2: Progress Overview of the RCE Community (Download PPT)
Session 2: RCE Vision Background Paper (Download paper)
Session 3 & 4: Continental/Regional Breakout Sessions
- African Continental Meeting (Download PPT)
- Americas Continental Meeting (Download PPT)
- Asia-Pacific Continental Meeting
- European Continental Meeting
Session 5: Strategies to implement visions of the RCE Community World Café Breakout Sessions (see session 6 for PPTs)
Tuesday 22 November 2011
Session 6: Strategies to implement visions of the RCE Community World Cafe Breakout Sessions
- Capacity Development (Download PPT)
- Appraisal of RCEs (Download PPT; Download KZN Case Study)
- Engaging with policy-makers (Download PPT)
- Research & Development (Download PPT
Session 7, 8 & 9: Thematic Breakout Sessions - Part I  
- Thematic Issue A: Sustainable Consumption and Production I
- Thematic Session B: Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity (Download PPT)
- Thematic Session C: Well-being, Livelihood & Poverty Reduction (Download Background PaperDownload PPT)
- Thematic Session D: Higher Education (Download PPT)
- Thematic Session E: Climate Change (Download PPT)
- Thematic Session F: Health (Download PPT
- Thematic Session G: Teacher Education and Better Schools (Download PPT)
Wednesday 23 November 2011
Session 10 & 11: Discussion on Strategic Issues World Café Breakout Sessions
- Fundraising & Marketing
- Communications & Marketing (Download PPT)
- Engagement with international sustainability processes (Download PPT)
- Engagement with private sector
Session 12: Conference Recap & Open Discussion on RCE Vision and Strategies (Download PPT)
Session 13: Towards the next Global RCE Conference
Session 14: Closing of the 6th Global RCE Conference 

Press Release: International Conference Highlights the Fundamental Role of Education to Achieve Sustainable Development

21-23 November 2011

(November 21, 2011 – Kerkrade, Netherlands) Leading education and environment experts gathered today in the Netherlands to highlight the fundamental role that education plays in achieving a sustainable future worldwide. The discussion took place at the 6th Global Conference of Regional Centres of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development, which kicked off today in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. The conference is one of the few international events focused on the need to provide people with more information and higher quality education on sustainability issues, in order to help them create positive social and environmental change in their communities. Read more...

Kerkrade, the Netherlands, 2011