Virtual Event to Observe International Mountain Day Jointly Organised by RCE Lucknow and RCE Guwahati

Organised by RCE Lucknow and RCE Guwahati, a virtual event to observe International Mountain Day was held on 11 December, 2020. The Centre for Environment Education (CEE), as lead organisation of those RCEs, facilitated the event in association with Mountain Partnership and local institutions including universities, schools, NGOs and youth. 

Around 100 participants, including school and college students from Uttarakhand, Himanchal Pradesh and Assam attended the event, which was focused on orienting the participants’ thinking and taking Handprint Actions for Sustaining Mountain Biodiversity at individual and community levels. The overall concept was to observe the perspectives of young minds and students from different regions of mountain areas, as well as hearing about their work experiences and concerns on conserving the mountain biodiversity in their region. Read the full report prepared by RCE Lucknow and RCE Guwahati here