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Trang Local Food For Sustainable Development
Basic Information
Title of project : 
Trang Local Food For Sustainable Development
Contributing organization(s) : 
Restaurant operator in Trang province
Focal point(s) and affiliation(s)
Dr. Sanya Srivichian Mayor of Trang City Municipality
Organizational Affiliation: 
Trang City Municipality
Format of project: 
Newsletters Trang Local Food for Sustainable Development
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Date of submission:
Monday, March 18, 2024
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Geographical & Education Information
Sustainable Food
Socioeconomic and environmental characteristics of the area : 
Trang is a city with very good topography and nature. There are mountains, plains for rice fields, and rice growing areas in the south of Thailand. It has its own native rice. There are rivers and seas on the Andaman side, all in one province, so Trang is a source of cultivation, production, and rich in resources. Trang stands out for its cuisine because ethnic diversity has coexisted in the city since time immemorial, especially Chinese people of different ethnicities living together. Different ways of eating challenge the diversity of wisdom in obtaining raw materials. Use the challenge as a menu. Trang's cuisine is also intimately linked to the way of life. Trang people value food very much. Some are considered faces and expressions of hospitality. Delicious food for tourists to choose from. A variety of tourists who have already arrived in Trang city. Food that you can't miss at all, such as "Trang roast pork", "cakes", "Dumplings", "Kaoyuk" with with "Mee Num Liao" It offers a variety of traditional dishes, spring rolls, and other local dishes.
Description of sustainable development challenge(s) in the area the project addresses: 
Trang cuisine also has many charms and interesting aspects. The development of new foods takes the things that are in the way of life and challenges them to be more contemporary, while still having the wisdom and old way of life that is still strong. The province's food growth is a big deal that helps attract visitors and significantly creates economic turnover in Trang, but how suitable is this growth for this era? Trang people must help each other to think and develop further.
Trang still has a lot of treasures to discover. Wait for tourists to be introduced And push to become famous like Trang Roast Pork which needs to find more variety. In order not to let tourists know Trang only one corner, the original Promote the development of various processes and ingredients to feed Trang as a healthy food for food development. For further sustainable development
January, 2024
To promote Trang local food culture to be known worldwide, through Trang local food culture exchange activities Thailand and Korean Traditional Food in Taungyeong, South Korea
1. To organize educational activities, learn. Trang Local Food for Sustainable Development.
2. To exchange learning, develop learning resources, extend the curriculum of educational institutions, enhance children's skills, potential. Youth Inheritance Preserve the local food culture of Trang province sustainably.
3. To disseminate and educate children. Youth, citizens, RCE networks at all levels.
Activities and/or practices employed: 
1. Study and learning activities Trang Local Food.
2. Practice food challenges in local traditions and food challenges according to the vocational course.
3. Organize a gathering challenge and disseminate information about Trang local food culture to children. Youth and RCE networks at all levels.
Size of academic audience: 
Trang restaurant operators and RCE network students are about 200 people.
1. Good cooperation of RCE Tongyeong Network, South Korea, research on Trang indigenous food for sustainable development. Disseminate public relations to foreign countries to get to know more.
2. Restaurant establishments in Trang Municipality and in Trang province have the opportunity to welcome foreigners to promote the restaurant to be more well-known.
3. Students learn a variety of things. speech Presenting information from learning to organize into a body of knowledge. Exhibitions of works presented to foreigners Take pride in the local identity of Trang. As a result of the interest and appreciation of the work presented by foreigners.
Lessons learned: 
1. Trang Municipality There is information about Trang local food to disseminate to the world as information for tourists to visit Trang city, promoting the economy of Trang province.
2. It is an opportunity for restaurant operators. The school further develops Trang local food to be more sustainable.
Key messages: 
Trang Local Food For Sustainable Development
Relationship to other RCE activities: 
RCE Tongyeong
Trang City Municipality


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