RCE Tongyeong-2015

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A story of Maodoba - Water education using appropriate technology
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RCE Tongyeong
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Unji LEE
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A story of Maodoba - Water education using appropriate technology is a short-term education program which aims to build youth capacity and responsibility. During one and half hour, students have a chance to learn the unequal division of water. With a virtual character ‘Maodoba’ ; who suffer water shortages and walk miles to have access to water every day, students become aware of water issues in the world. Within the program, students draw water from pond and carry the bucket to fill the bathtub. During this activity, students realize that they spend a lot of water in daily life and the unsustainable inequality of water. During their endeavor to fill the bathtub, students learn about appropriate technology, using items such as Hippo-Roller, Energy-generating See Saw, Soccket-soccer ball and jumping rope “Pulse”. The end of the program, students write a ‘Promise card’ to save the water in their daily life and take responsibility to the global water problem. We give this ‘promise card’ to school teachers and they hang this card in the classroom in order to remind their promise after they return to school.

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On Going
This project stared in April 2015 to provide opportunity for local students to rethink about the value of Water & unequal distribution of water. It is opened to all school students who want to learn and experience it. Since April 2015, this program about 500 students, 23 schools participated.
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