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January, 2007
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RCE Guwahati is located in northeast India in an area noted for its blue hills, green valleys and red rivers. Economically, Guwahati plays a central role in the region and is home to many ethnic tribes, each with its unique language, traditions and socio-cultural heritage. Guwahati's boundaries are constantly expanding and, as is typical of Indian cities, it now faces several problems including poverty, loss of biodiversity, human-animal conflicts, land degradation, scarcity of drinking water, unplanned development, natural disasters, and a loss of traditional knowledge and wisdom.

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RCE Guwahati is creating partnerships among civil society organizations and national, state and local governments to optimally utilize local human and natural resources for a prosperous, disaster resistant northeast India. It is committed to:
  • Building the capacity of citizens on diverse livelihood options based on the sustainable management of natural resources;
  • Conducting awareness programmes for teachers, students and civil society about the rich biodiversity of northeast India and its sustainable management;
  • Raising awareness on disaster preparedness;
  • Educating stakeholders on sustainable urban development issues such as human settlement, city planning and waste management; and
  • Promoting the values of traditional practices.
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