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June, 2005
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RCE Ghana plays a major advocacy role, helping to change the educational framework in its region to ensure that graduates at all levels are capable of ensuring sustainability in the future. This is particularly important as more and more water, forest and mineral resource development projects bring environment problems and social disruptions in their wake.

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RCE Ghana is focused on enhancing public awareness and understanding of sustainable development through education. Its efforts are also aimed at generating innovative programmes on sustainability and education for sustainable development in learning and research.
Among its numerous activities are:
  • Raising public awareness and understanding of the essential role of ESD for the creation of a sustainable society
  • Serving as a base for the integrated study of sustainable development issues at national and regional levels
  • Promoting the integration of local sustainability challenges into non-formal, formal and informal education
  • Facilitating trainers' training through workshops and seminars, while developing teaching modules and materials for ESD
  • Establishing, enhancing and coordinating partnerships and networks for ESD in the region
  • Promoting sustainable management and use of national and regional resources
  • Serving as an example of best practices for other West African countries facing similar environmental challenges
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