RCE Greater Portland-2016

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GoGreen Conference
2. Thematic area/s addressed by the project
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Economic Sustainability
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GoGreen Conference
Host Organization
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Kaylee Wolf
Kaylee Wolf
Social Enterprises
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The GoGreen Conference, on October 6, 2015, created and organized by B Corporation Social Enterprises, is a sustainability learning experience for business and government decision-makers. Featuring regionally targeted content and recognized leaders from the community, GoGreen works across industry silos to foster peer-to-peer learning and collaborative solutions. We believe sustainability in the business setting is a powerful and indispensable tool for navigating the tumultuous waters of today's global economy and solving our climate woes. Our mission is to empower attendees with the strategies, tools and connections to green their organizations with profitability in mind.

As one of their sponsors, we help advertise the event, offer discount tickets to our members, present, when possible, and do tabling and networking. It was hosted on the downtown campus of founding RCE member University of Oregon.

This event advances economic, social, and environmental sustainability, with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility. You can find out more about the conference on their website: http://portland.gogreenconference.net/

6. Project status
This annual conference brings together government and business leaders. We had a huge turn-out this year, with over 500 people.
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